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Estonia’s 30 Best Restaurants Are Listed in White Guide Nordic


Boasting strong traditions, the Estonian gastronomy scene is remarkably colourful. The different regions of this most northerly of Baltic nations, bloom with solid identities. Estonia is a nation still deeply in touch with nature. This is the defining force binding together the cuisines of the coastal folk, islanders, south central Mulgimaa, south-eastern Setomaa and the Russian Old Believers alongside the shore of Lake Peipus.

Estonia has also enjoyed recognition on the European high-end gastronomic chart. As of the end of October 2016, Estonia’s 30 best restaurants have been listed in White Guide Nordic.

Here is the TOP 10:



Ranna tee 3, Tallinn
Phone (+372) 508 0589

A private and elegant restaurant, which seats 45 people. Chef’s Hall presents a wonderful fine dining experience by the seaside in Tallinn. They offer a five to seven course degustation menu, which has been created by Tõnis Siigur and Mihkel Rand using only the best ingredients, in an open kitchen.


Pädaste küla, Muhu vald, Saare maakond
Phone (+372) 454 8800

Alexander is located at Pädaste Manor. Its high ceilings open up views of the sunny conservatory and the ancient trees in the manor park. The team at Alexander offers delicious food from the various Baltic islands, inspired by the cooking traditions of Muhu and its surroundings, and valuing local traditions and the diverse tastes of different seasons. Alexander has been awarded the title of Estonia’s Best Restaurant for the last three years.




Mere puiestee 6E, Tallinn
Phone (+372) 661 6150

Restaurant Ö offers its clients a novel and wonderful experience of Nordic cuisine; dinner is like a small performance, telling a story. The head chefs of the restaurant find it perfectly natural that we use only the best local and Nordic ingredients, and cooperate with small producers and farmers. Seasonal produce, foraging and ancient food preparation methods – when old classics have been deconstructed and then reconstructed in a new way, the result is going to be magnificent.


Olevimägi 7, Tallinn
Phone (+372) 600 3353

Restaurant Art Priori – this is art on the walls and on the plates!
Soft, creative and elegant flavours will offer a sophisticated and surprising culinary experience.




Vene tänav 9, Tallinn
Phone (+372) 600 0610

At the end of the 18th century, the best French chefs found their way to Russia. The result was an unprecedented fusion of Russian and French cuisine. Their passion is to reproduce the recipes created by these masters and infuse them with their own experience and vision. The winner of many awards, Tchaikovsky, is a genuine and high quality restaurant for real gourmets, where even the tiniest details are important. The wonderful emotions it evokes are well worth the price.


Tornimäe tn 3, Tallinn
Phone (+372) 624 3000

The elegant and stylish Restaurant & Bar Horisont is located at the top floor of Swissôtel Tallinn. This is an ideal place for relaxing and enjoying five star cuisine. Visitors can enjoy the enchanting panoramic view of the Old Town of Tallinn and the sea beyond. Restaurant Horisont offers a modern take on food, using seasonal, local and international ingredients. The Restaurant also offers the opportunity of holding private dinners in a special purpose room.



Vene tänav 9, Tallinn
Phone (+372) 600 0610

Inspired by the historical atmosphere of the amazing Old Town of Tallinn, restaurant Cru aims to strike a balance between classic and modern cuisine, making any culinary experience truly timeless. Its two main rooms have been renovated in line with the original plans of the 15th century building, creating an authentic feeling from the late Middle Ages. The head chef of the restaurant Dmitri Haljukov represented Estonia in the finals of Bocuse d’Or (also called the Olympics for Chefs) in Lyon in 2015. Cru’s chef Pavel Gurjanov was the Chef of the Year in 2013 and received the first place at Baltic Culinary Star Cup.


Vene tänav 7, Tallinn
Phone (+372) 631 3084

The menu at Ribe, which was established in 2007, is characterised by fresh, seasonal and mainly local ingredients. The flavours and techniques of the European cuisine naturally also play an important role. The head chef of the restaurant is Radoslav Mitro. Ribe has consistently been nominated as one of the top 50 restaurants in the country, in recent years ranking close to the top of the list.


Ranna tee 3, Tallinn
Phone (+372) 508 0589

NOA restaurant (roughly pronounced ‘Noah’, in English) is anything but a stranded ark full of animals. On the contrary, Noa is remarkable for its location, architecture and interior design. Naturally, you can find the best flavours here, accompanied by a million dollar view of the Tallinn skyline and the sea.


Ülikooli tänav 14, Tartu
Phone (+372) 730 4008

Restaurant Hõlm has a first-class menu with high-quality service; all comers feel welcome there. Chief cook Lauri Ülenurme and his team create unforgettable taste experiences, as they carefully think through all of the details and prepare and serve them correspondingly. A special feature of the restaurant is its open kitchen, which immediately creates a harmony between the visitor and kitchen, giving everyone the opportunity to enjoy extraordinary culinary art. Additionally, the restaurant surprises its visitors with recipes which are taken from the recipe collection of 1925–26 by Lydia Grünhamm Holm. The restaurant’s name was inspired by her last name.

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