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Estonia Leads the Way in Corruption Risk Reduction


TRACE International - a world's leading organization for corruption risk assessments globally - has published a business bribery risk country ranking. The index is composed of 4 domains to accurately measure the risk of becoming subject to corruption - Business Interactions with Government, Anti-Bribery Laws and Enforcement, Government and Civil Services Transparency and Capacity for Civil Society Oversight. The lower the overall score, the less chance of bribery exists in each domain. 

This is the second time countries are ranked based on such an index by TRACE International, and remarkably Estonia has made a leap of progress compared to the previous version, earning an honorable mention in the ranking's summary. 

Compared to the 2014 edition, the 2016 TRACE Matrix shows considerable improvement for some countries in reducing the risk of public bribery. Estonia leads the way; its overall score fell from 33 to 17, placing it among the five least risky countries, along with Sweden, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Norway.
- The TRACE Matrix®, 2016 Summary, https://www.traceinternational.org/trace-matrix

Estonia placed third globally and second in Europe behind Sweden. Other countries in the region also placed high - Finland 9th, Latvia 22nd and Lithuania 25th. 

The full country rankings are available on Trace International webpage here.

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