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Sector Overview

Health status facts
  • Healthcare expenditure – Ca 629 Euros (2014) per person per year
  • Healthy life expectancy: women 57.1 yrs, men 53.2 (2014)
  • Life expectancy: women 81.5 yrs, men 72.3 yrs (2014)
  • Infant mortality: 2.1% (Comp. Cypros 1.6%, Turkey 10.8%)
  • Causes of mortality: Cancer and ischaemic heart diseases
  • Healthcare Resources:
  • 7,214 hospital beds in 55 hospitals (2016)
  • 34 publicly owned hospitals
  • 21 privately owned hospitals
  • Hospital discharges and length of stay as in-patient:
  • 22,270 healthcare professionals in 2014
  • 4,418 practicing doctors in 2014
  • 442 midwives in 2014
  • 12,519 nurses in 2014

Source: Eurostat and Estonian Health Insurance Fund

Estonian Health Insurance

Permanent residents of Estonia and the ones living in Estonia on the basis of temporary residence permit or right of residence for whom social tax is paid are entitled to health insurance. Health Insurance system is financed from mandatory social tax, which is currently 33%.

Estonia is using a solidary health insurance system: all insured persons get the same kind of medical care irrespective of the size of their contribution, personal health risks or age.

95% of population is insured and the benefit package is quite wide. Estonian Health Insurance Fund finds partners (hospital and clinics) through public tendering who provide services to insured customers based on their price list that is going to get reimbursed to the hospital. The tenders are open to all participants who match the criteria.


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