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Smart mobility

Smart mobility

Estonia has made a bold move to build up a public fast charging network in a scale unmatched in Europe. By the beginning of 2013 163 fast chargers were installed around the country and are now in the use of all electric vehicle users.

The network was developed in cooperation of ABB, G4S and NOW! Innovations. Charging can be started either by RFID card or mobile application, payments are administered by mobile solution. Infrastructure of that scale creates a unique opportunity to test electric vehicles and associated applications.

In addition to charging, the network provides ample of opportunities to further develop smart grid applications, like real-time metering, pricing, user policies, mobile authentication, etc. Estonia has become a dream place to be in next years for every system developer of EV infrastructure.


Opportunities in Estonia in the field of smart mobility

  • ideal small and smart country demo market;

  • product development, piloting;

  • R&D, software development;

  • integration with existing advanced technologies:contract manufacturing and engineering services;

    • e- and m-applications;
    • smart grid solutions;
  • Nordic and Baltic production & distribution hub;

  • track testing, leisure based motor racing.


Estonian government is leading the way

New knowledge via the one of the largest test cases in the world:
In 2011 Government bought more than 500 Mitsubishi i-MiEV electric vehicles for 10 million tons of emission rights. The cars are used by social workers at the municipalities and some government institutions, including the defence forces, police, ministries, etc. The project promotes environmental awareness, improves the quality of social services and creates new knowledge on electric vehicles in Estonia. Tallinn University of Technology collects and analyzes performance data from an unusually large sample group of electric cars, helping the development of new and better vehicles.

Grant to buy an electric car to individuals:
Until August 2014 a grant scheme was available for private and legal persons to buy an electric car or a plugin hybrid. The grant was available in the amount of up to 18,000 Euros per person. Beneficiaries of the grant have to use green energy based on green certificates for the car's lifetime (5 MWh worth of certificates were provided with the vehicle). The grant brought more than 650 electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles to Estonia's streets. Now the government is continuing to support the use of electric vehicles by non-financial means, such as allowing the electric vehicles to use bus-lanes.

First country in the world that has been covered with the fast charging network:
165 fast chargers (CHAdeMO standard) have been installed around the country. The public infrastructure reduces range anxiety, supports the large number of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles and ensures that EV users have access to emergency charging.

Short-term and long-term rent opportunities:

The Estonian Electromobility Program (ELMO) provides the public with the possibility to rent electric vehicles for a short period of time in Tallinn and Tartu. There are also several companies that provide long-term rent possibilities.


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