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E-Estonia Showroom

E-Estonia Showroom

The purpose of the showroom is to showcase the nation’s ICT solutions all in one facility, to illustrate their usage possibilities both in private and public sector and to provide visitors with hands-on examples of what they are and how they work. The center is an environment for introducing information and telecommunication technologies in Estonia and on an international scale. It promotes the cooperation between the members in the field of participation in ICT solution product development and joint procurements.

The E-Estonia Showroom is one of the main forces standing behind increasing the marketing and sales capability of the Estonian ICT companies at the international level.

Since opening its doors in 2009, the showroom has hosted everyone from presidents and ministers to CEOs and journalists – essentially anyone who has needed a better understanding of the technology developed and used.

E-Estonia Showroom consists of:

  • State section, where e-government solutions are demonstrated.

  • Enterprise Area, set up as a real company with a salesman, accountant, and various managers, to demonstrate systems designed for use in business.

  • Technical Playground designed to show ICT technological solutions to CIOs and other specialists.

  • Remote Solution area were remote mobile solutions and communication options are highlighted.

  • School Environment that shows how IT helps the teaching process.

  • Home Environment that includes existing ICT solutions for comfort at home.


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